The Ruins of Sil

Scandal at the Soiree

In which the plot thickens

The Ground-Breaking party begins with a speech from the host, and an explanation of the events to come over the next three days. The event will kick off with a formal ball and feast, and be followed the next day with a hunt. The final day will see the Duels of Honor, a closing feast, and the masquerade.

During the initial feast, Rive gets challenged to a duel by a quarrelsome bodyguard of his stepmother, Lynnvicta sets about charming the most popular young lordling at the event, and Uly turns his noble but unwanted amorous advances on a halfling serving girl.

Towards the end of the evening, they end up at the table of Bala Briagorn‘s older brother Kaas Briagorn. He has suspicions about the safety of his brother’s construction project, and offers to pay the heroes to confirm or deny his suspicions. They will need to return by the end of the party to deliver their verdict.

Everyone decides that a good night’s rest is in order, and they make their way to their rooms. Midway through the night, Lynnvicta is awakened by the gentle embrace of someone trying to smother her with a pillow. She quickly buries a dagger in her assailant, who’s shriek brings people running. The assailant is a young noblewoman, driven mad with envy at the attention Lynnvicta was getting from Nolen Kevel. She remains quiet about being stabbed in exchange for Lynn forgetting about the attempted murder.


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