The Ruins of Sil

The Ruins of Sil: The Adventure Begins!

In which the adventure begins

It’s an normal night at Madam O’s Cantina. All of the regulars are more or less there: Architect Bala Briagorn, Madam O and her staff, local drunks, pimps, pushers, as well as regular folks done with a hard day’s work. The calm of the evening is interrupted by a goblin raid.

The goblins are defeated fairly easily, as they are poor climbers and cowards at heart, but they do make off with a number of valuables. Architect Briagorn, upset with the attack on his lands and subjects, immediately hires some of the more capable patrons of Madam O’s: Anell, Ulyvanvandace and Rive. He puts them to the task of ridding his land of the goblins, and recovering his family signet ring that was stolen in the attack.


DrCentaur DrCentaur

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