The Ruins of Sil

To The Mines!

In which the goblin menace is annuled

The newly formed goblin eradication team makes a hasty exit from Madam O’s (walking away during one of Bala’s long-winded tales), hot on the trail of the goblin raiders. They make their descent into the thatch where they are joined by Lynnvicta, another victim of the goblin’s smash and grab tactics.

The group trails the goblins down into an upper layer of the mines, where Rive cleverly disarms two hastily erected traps with his face. After the fighting force of the goblins is crushed and Bala Briagorn‘s signet ring (and Lynnvicta’s picks!) are recovered, everyone returns to the surface.

Overjoyed with the return of his ring, Bala Briagorn Invites the group to a ground-breaking celebration he is throwing as guests of honor. The party accepts, and gladly take him up on his offer of a hot bath and fresh clothes.


DrCentaur DrCentaur

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